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Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Barriers go by Many Names

From contacts with security personnel the world over, it is evident that vehicle barriers go by many different names, often related to the barrier's type, use, or level of protection.  Here are some of them.  If you use yet another name for anti-terrorism vehicle barriers, please send it along so we can add it to our list.

Airport barrier Portable barrier
Anti-intrusion barrier Protective barrier
Anti-ram barrier Rapid deployment barrier
Anti-terrorism barrier Road blockers
Architectural vehicle barrier Roadway barriers
Arrestor barrier Security barrier
Beam barrier Shallow-mount barrier
Bollards State Department-certified barrier
Bollards, fixed State Department-rated barrier
Bollards, removable Taxiway barrier
Crash barrier Truck barrier
Drop arm barrier Truck bomb barrier
Energy-absorption barrier Truck ram barrier
Fast-acting barrier Ultra barrier
Gate arm barrier Vehicle access control barrier
Gate barriers Vehicle barrier
High-security barrier  Vehicle perimeter barrier 
Hydraulic vehicle barrier  Vehicle ram barrier 
In-ground vehicle barriers Vehicle restriction gate
K-rated barrier Vehicle security control barrier
K4 barrier Vehicle stopping barrier
K8 barrier Vehicular gates
K12 barrier Vehicular stopping systems
Mobile barrier Vertical lift barrier
Multi-lane barrier Wedge barrier
Plate barrier
Pop-up barriers