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Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

The Gater LT

Lightweight Electrically Operated Barrier
Advanced Features and Materials
  • Energy absorbing bands inside a hollow aluminum beam... lightweight yet remarkable vehicle stopping power
  • All electric operation... 24-volt DC with any input voltage (no hydraulics); solar panel option for remote sites
  • Full 90º gate opening so no height limitations on entering vehicles
  • Can span multiple traffic lanes
  • Easily integrated with existing access control systems and other perimeter security devices



Excellent Vehicle Stopping Power

  • Department of State Certified (K4) and ASTM Certified (M30, P1)... stops a 15,000 pound truck at 30 mph with vehicle penetration < 3 feet

  • Also available as the Gater... same look but certified to stop a 15,000 pound truck at 50 mph (K12 certification)

  • Read more about vehicle barrier certification                           

 Aesthetic Options 

  • Optional aesthetic covers for the above-ground stanchions to eliminate the industrial look

  • Hundreds of colors... or add graphics or logos                   
  • Available as beam only or beam with fencing attached to restrict pedestrian access (see fence options)



  • See the Gater, the Gater LTs "big brother"