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Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

More Information for Architects and Designers

Architects and security system designers need components and systems that work well and integrate easily within the constraints of availability, delivery times, and budget.  At PRO Barrier Engineering we work with architects and designers at all stages of a facility’s development – from proposals (“How much should I budget for vehicle barriers?”), to preliminary design (“Will your barrier work with the XYZ access control system?”), to final design and procurement (“We need the barrier on site by such-and-such date to meet the construction schedule.”).

We work efficiently with your engineers and sub-contractors to provide the answers you need when you need them. For example:

  • We can send electronic files with resizable vehicle barrier drawings and symbols that can be dropped into your client proposals.

  • If you or your client are unsure about how to specify barriers that meet your unique access control requirements, ask for our Vehicle Barrier Selection and Installation Planning ChecklistOver 100 checklist items will guide you through issues such as traffic management, operating environment, threat assessment, crash ratings (vehicle stopping ability), power requirements, control system integration, aesthetic considerations, and more.

  • Would you like to pass off the vehicle barrier design and specification process?  Our engineers can serve as your dedicated security subcontractor.

  • Do you need security and vehicle barrier expertise for client presentations?  Our staff can join your presentation team to speak to the design imperatives and operational issues associated with anti-terrorism vehicle barriers.

  • As you finalize your barrier specifications, we can meet with you to review your site’s measurements and confirm proper integration with access control devices, security cameras, guardhouse locations, and other security equipment.

  • During installation of our barriers, we’ll send an application engineer to oversee the installation and make quality checks at critical steps.

  • Finally, be aware of the potential for vehicle barriers to detract from a building’s aesthetics.  (A short walk around Washington DC will confirm that reality.)  Our Arrestor and LightFoot models are considered the world’s most aesthetic vehicle barriers.  When not deployed they are completely out of sight, and they are available in many colors, as well as digital finishes to mimic your building’s façade.  Read more about barrier aesthetics.

Contact Us so that we can work with you through the barrier selection process for your facility.