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Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

More Information for Security Consultants

Whether you are an outside security consultant or part of an internal Security Department, if your challenge is to develop an integrated perimeter security system for a new facility or to add new security capabilities to an existing system, then you need to talk to PRO Barrier Engineering.  You want to partner with an experienced vehicle barrier company that delivers high-quality products, a range of barrier solutions, and offers open architecture for easy integration with new or existing access control systems.  As a security consultant, your concerns generally include:

  • Understanding the client’s specific perimeter security and access control issues and developing a comprehensive, detailed sequence of barrier operation
  • Integrating diverse technologies from multiple vendors        
  • Avoiding unforeseen consequences, such as dangerous vehicle backups during high traffic periods
  • Avoiding the aesthetic conflicts that can arise when a vehicle barrier detracts from the beauty of a building
  • Selecting barriers that are easy to install and maintain


At PRO Barrier we’ve thought a lot about these issues and will work with you to address them for your clients' facilities.  For example:

  • If you want to ensure that you’ve considered all the issues associated with selecting, installing, and deploying anti-terrorism vehicle barriers you should get our Vehicle Barrier Selection and Installation Planning Checklist. Over 100 checklist items will guide you through issues such as traffic management, operating environment, threat assessment, crash ratings (vehicle stopping ability), power requirements, installation, control system integration, aesthetic considerations, and more.
  • Our barriers will work with any new or existing access control system; we can even integrate them with barriers from other manufacturers.
  • You can count on us for help in avoiding unforeseen consequences. Our expertise extends across all types of facilities (office buildings, campuses, military bases, airports, nuclear power plants, petrochemical facilities, etc.). Most every facility has unique access control issues; we will work with you to anticipate and address those issues.
  • As for aesthetics, our Arrestor and LightFoot models are considered the world’s most aesthetic vehicle barrier.  When not deployed they are completely out of sight, and they are available in many colors and even digital finishes to mimic a building’s façade.
  • Our barriers are straightforward to install because installation considerations are built into their design.  Installation primarily involves a simple excavation and concrete pour along with trenching for hydraulic lines, electrical cables, and drains; all tasks easily performed by an experienced general contractor.  

Contact Us early in your security design process so we can assist you from preliminary planning through installation.