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PRO-Gate Pivot

The Gate Arm that withstands Vehicle Impact & Prevents Vehicle Damage!

 PRO-Gate Pivot


Click on photo to watch the video!

 How it Works
  • Upon vehicle impact the gate arm instantly swings away and rises up to the road open position
  • Arm is then reset to re-close the roadway (manually or by a signal from the control system)
  • Arm is flexible and is foam covered to prevent vehicle damage

 Options: Choose your
                      Open/close cycle times,
                      Gate arm length,
                      Gate arm shape, 
                      Motor power, and more



Ideal for high vehicle throughput applications such as toll booths, stadium entrances, etc. 


    1. Vehicle Impacts
   the Gate Arm
2. Upon Impact the
Top Section Pivots
and Gate Arm Rises
3. Top Section Returns to
Normal Position and
Gate Arm Remains Vertical
Until Unit is Reset