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Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

What Are Vehicle Barriers?

As we use the term, vehicle barriers are access control devices specifically designed to stop vehicle-based terrorist attacks.  Typically they are placed across the roadways leading into and out of a building, industrial facility, military base, commercial complex, public venue, etc. 

In their closed position they block the roadway, enabling security personnel (or automated systems) to examine the vehicle and check passenger credentials before granting access.  In their open position they allow vehicles to pass unimpeded.

These anti-terrorism barriers differ from conventional access restriction gates (such as used in parking garages) in that they will stop and destroy any vehicle that attempts to breach the barrier, including an explosive-laden truck traveling at high speed.  It is for this reason that these barriers are frequently called anti-ram barriers (see Barriers go by many names).  For a more thorough description of vehicle barriers, see What are the different types of anti-terrorism vehicle barriers?  Return to FAQs.