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How important are vehicle barrier aesthetics?

While only you can answer that question for your particular applications, the answer we hear from many customers is: "Very important indeed."

Vehicle barriers should not detract from your facility.  Too many vehicle barriers are unsightly, overly obtrusive, and give a building or facility entrance an unappealing, fortress-like look.  After you have seen other vehicle barriers, take a look at our aesthetic features, starting with the finish where we offer:

  • A palette of hundreds of colors and a surface that is both beautiful and durable
  • A digital finishing process that can make our barriers mimic virtually any architectural material (granite, marble, brushed aluminum, etc.) so the barrier can match or complement your building's façade
  • Text (such as "STOP" in any language), graphics, logos, or other design elements

Our flagship product, the Arrestor model vehicle barrier, and its "little brother" the LightFoot, were designed from the ground up with aesthetics in mind.  When the Arrestor is in the up position to block vehicle traffic the barrier has clean lines and a small profile.  When the Arrestor is down it is flush with the roadway and essentially invisible, with no "speed bump" effect to impede traffic flow.

All our barriers have aesthetic options.  For example, our Gater and Gater LT models have above-ground stanchions that give them more of an industrial look, but we can hide those behind aesthetic covers.  Even our simple B3 (B-Cube) model bollard can be given an aesthetic treatment (see the marble effect below).

Finally, if aesthetics is a secondary consideration — such as barriers deployed by the military in the field — then PRO Barrier Engineering is still your company of choice.  We can deliver our barriers galvanized and painted for rugged field use in Casa Tan, OD Green, or any other color.

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