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PROtect Your World™  
Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

The Patriot

A Gate-Type Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Barrier

Vertical Pivot Barrier

  • Full 90º gate opening; no vehicle height restrictions

  • Can span multiple traffic lanes

  • Low maintenance; only seven moving parts

  • Tested at over 2,900 open/close cycles per day and over 2,000,000 total cycles

  • No in-road obstructions or vehicle "speed bump" effect 

Patriot Consists of a Beam Barrier & Attached Fence 
  • Includes anti-climb or ornamental fence

  • Prevents pedestrian access

Just a few examples of the dozens of ornamental and high-security fences for the Patriot barrier



 High Vehicle Stopping Power

  • ASTM certified (M50, P1)

    • Stops a 15,000 pound truck at 50 mph with <3 feet penetration

      • Also available in 30 mph and 40 mph models

      • In-ground structure survives vehicle impact; simply replace beam and return to operation

      • Remarkably lightweight (energy absorbing material inside a hollow aluminum beam) 

      • Read more about vehicle barrier crash test ratings