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PROtect Your World™  
Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

About Us

PRO Barrier Engineering LLC is a U.S.-based company that designs and builds anti-terrorism vehicle barriers.  Our designs have been installed at hundreds of commercial and government buildings, military installations, industrial sites, and public venues around the world.

Our niche is high-stopping-power barriers employing advanced materials and aesthetic designs.  Whether it is manufacturing our own barriers or providing behind-the-scenes engineering services to other manufacturers, we have been responsible for many of the industry's design innovations, including:

  • First portable barrier
  • First aluminum barrier
  • First non-metallic barrier
  • First gravity activated, ultra-high stopping power barrier (no hydraulics or electric motors)... and more

Mission Statement

Our mission is to apply innovative engineering and advanced materials to produce aesthetic barriers that protect people and property from vehicle-based terrorist attack.

PRO Barrier Engineering: PROtect Your World™

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