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The New PB-12 Portable Barrier


PRO Barrier Engineering recently launched a new portable barrier--called the PB-12-- with some unique features. It is not intended as a permanent barrier, so it is targeted to those situations requiring either temporary or intermittent enhanced security. It is a steel barrier that rests on the road surface and can be raised to block vehicle access or lowered to allow vehicles to pass. It is suitable for both:

  • Anti-terrorism applications such as VIP visits, civic events (street fairs, farmers markets, and school sporting events), and military perimeter security in the field
  • Vehicle accident applications such as worker protection at construction sites.

The PB-12 is completely manually operated and requires no electricity or powered hydraulics. Multiple barriers can be installed or removed in minutes and when not is use the barriers fold into a compact package and can be stacked for storage. PB-12s are simple and low-cost yet have excellent vehicle stopping power. For more details go to the PB-12 page on our website.





Beware the $1,000,000 Vehicle Barrier Maintenance Trap!

As we tell everyone who calls about vehicle barriers, when you talk to a company about purchasing their barriers ask about more than the purchase price... ask them (and better yet their customers) about the cost of maintenance.  Some barrier companies and some barrier designs are notorious for being maintenance intensive.  The U.S. Navy discovered that their "inexpensive" barriers are costing $65,000 a year per barrier to maintain!  Here is the story about how this one Navy base will end up spending well over $1,00,000 for maintenance over the life of their barriers.  

Let us show you how our 3 year warranty (extendible to 6 years), coupled with our extraordinarily low maintenance record, will allow you to avoid the Barrier Maintenance Trap.  The money you would otherwise spend on maintenance can be better used to improve other aspects of your facility's security.


A Breakthrough Shallow Excavation Barrier Design

Vertical pivot lift barriers, such as PRO Barrier's Patriot model described in the News item below, have always been a popular choice for certain anti-terrorism applications.  Since the structural supports for the barrier are on the sides of the roadway, this barrier design means the roadway itself requires no excavation and also has no components placed on the road surface.

The traditional disadvantage of this design is that it requires massive underground structures to absorb the attacking vehicle's impact load.  Excavation depths of 5' or more are typical for vertical pivot lift barriers.

PRO Barrier Engineering is proud to announce the arrival of our shallow excavation, vertical pivot lift barrier.  We have radically redesigned the roadside structures (called catch rails) that hold the beam when the barrier is down (roadway is blocked).  We have developed and patented a new catch rail design that – upon vehicle impact – instantly vectors (re-directs) the forward motion of the vehicle into the ground.  As a consequence, less concrete and steel is needed to withstand the vehicle's impact load.  And just like the Patriot model, the catch rails survive vehicle impact; simply replace the damaged beam and return to operation.

The new barrier, dubbed the Patriot SM (for shallow mount) will be available mid-2015.  In its highest crash-rated version (equivalent to M50; K12) the excavation depth will be 24".  Lower rated versions will have even shallower excavation depths.  The Patriot SM offers customers significantly lower installation costs.  This also means the ability to place vertical pivot barriers in previously impractical locations (in rocky ground, in high water table locations, and above structures such as utilities, fiber optic cables, and underground parking garages).

Contact PRO Barrier Engineering to learn more about the new Patriot SM.


Arrestor Barriers to Protect Overseas Commercial Complex

Later this month three of our Arrestor barriers will be departing Baltimore for their journey to the Middle East, where they will protecting an office / retail complex. 

“Every project has its own challenges,” noted Rich Lawrence, principal engineer for the project, and this one was no exception. In this case we had to design extra cooling for the control system to cope with the extreme heat and we also had some unusual electrical requirements.” Over the next few weeks the barriers will undergo final acceptance testing and will then depart on their 8,500 nautical mile journey.  The photo shows the in-ground base unit for one of these Arrestors just after galvanizing.

Happy Independence Day!

What’s on your agenda on July 4th?  Whether it is family reunions, barbecues, fireworks, parades, picnics, baseball games, or concerts, have fun, be safe, and take a minute to remind your children why this day is important.  (Go here for some ideas to help children appreciate this holiday.)

If you are celebrating in Washington, DC, glance around and notice how PRO Barrier Engineering—indeed all the vehicle barrier companies—are helping to make your holiday safer.  For website visitors outside the U.S., here is a summary of this most American holiday.  

A Lot to Celebrate

Today is June 14, 2014—Flag Day—and we are celebrating by launching our new website.  It’s been months in development, and we believe we have made our site much more information rich, as well as easier to use and navigate.   

"A little celebrating is in order," stated Dr. Tom Potter, President, "as 2014 is also our 10th year in business."  "Between the anniversary, new website, new barrier designs in development, several recent patents, and some new high-profile customers, these are interesting times for PRO Barrier Engineering." 

New Gulf Coast Installation

Several of our Arrestor model barriers have been installed at a 911 Call Center and Emergency Response Facility along the U.S. Gulf Coast. The K12 Certified Arrestors are part of an extensive perimeter security upgrade that includes vehicle barrier integration with high security fences, sliding gates, CCTV, and card access.

Lines of Hope... our choice for supporting wounded warriors

ASIS, our industry's premier professional organization, supports wounded warriors through their ongoing "Lines of Hope" fundraising campaign.  Started years ago by our local ASIS chapter as an effort to fund phone cards for hospitalized soldiers, the program went national in 2009.  The Lines of Hope foundation now contributes to a broad range of programs, including service dogs, adaptive software, special equipment, gift cards, and more, with over $100,000 raised to date.  Go here for more information and consider a donation... thanks.

New Washington, DC Installation

The flagship property of one of the world's largest hotel chains is now protected by one of our LightFoot barriers.  The barrier is located near the main entrance to the hotel complex, so in addition to its vehicle stopping power the client chose the LightFoot for its low-profile, small footprint, and unobtrusive aesthetic design.