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PROtect Your World™  
Manufacturer of anti-terrorism vehicle access control barriers and conventional access control gates

The LightFoot

The "Lite" Version of the Arrestor

  • Remarkable stopping power for its size
  • Requires only 12 inch excavation depth

  • Can span multiple traffic lanes           
  • Easily integrated with existing access control and other building management systems
  • PRO-Drain™ system for rainwater management
   Unmatched Aesthetics
  • Flush with the roadway and essentially invisible when down  

  • "Floats" above the roadway, with has no permanent above ground side supports 
  • Hundreds of color options, plus graphics or logos too
  • Faux finish options to mimic marble, granite, brushed aluminum, and more

  • Read more about barrier aesthetics       


High Vehicle Stopping Power 

  • Rated K4: stops a 15,000 pound truck traveling 30 mph

  • In-ground structure survives vehicle impact... simply replace beam and return to operation       

  • Read more about vehicle barrier crash test ratings and the certification process


  • See the Arrestor, the LightFoot's "big brother"