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The PB-12

A New Portable Barrier

PRO Barrier Engineering has a new portable barrier, the PB-12. It can be readily deployed to control vehicle traffic at street fairs, parades, construction sites, military bases, farmers markets, schools, and colleges – anywhere vehicle access control is considered necessary.


The PB-12 has a 12-foot-wide opening and is manually operated. It does not require electric or hydraulic power, minimizing the life cycle maintenance cost. For storage they can be folded and stacked on top of each other. Several PB-12s can also be loaded onto a single flatbed truck for deployment.


The PB-12 is engineered for a K4 (M30) rating. That rating translates to stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 30 miles per hour, or a 3,700-pound vehicle traveling over 60 mph.


How can a portable barrier stop a vehicle traveling at high speed? The PB-12's beam is a hollow steel tube that contains ultra high-strength, energy-absorbing bands. They’re anchored to steel pins within the barrier's housing – the same technology used in PRO Barrier's flagship Arrestor barrier.


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