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Is it important to use certified installers to ensure a quality installation?

Installation Myths

We believe that the recent trend toward installer certification is a self-serving notion being promoted by barrier companies seeking to increase their revenue by having their own staff perform installations.  The truth is, barrier designs and installation techniques differ to such an extent that a standardized installer certification course would be of limited value to customers and would likely increase installation costs.

As our customers can attest, PRO Barrier's installations are straightforward because considerations for hydraulic connections, site drainage, and electrical terminations are built into the barrier’s design. Consider the Arrestor, our flagship model.  Installation begins with a simple rectangular excavation.  The barrier is then lowered onto the excavation and leveled, drains plumbed, trenches dug for hydraulic lines and electrical cables, and then the barrier is encased in concrete.

In addition to proper design, three additional factors make installing our barriers well within the capabilities of an experienced general contractor:

  • We give the installers a package of detailed instructions, drawings, and photographs so they can preplan the work.
  • We offer installation training on the customer’s specific barrier prior to shipment.
  • We send a company representative to the installation to advise the installer on every aspect of the process and perform quality checks as the installation progresses.

Rather than paying higher costs for a generalized "certified installer," we encourage end-users to rely on experienced local contractors.  Barrier installation success results when you use a contractor who understands local construction issues and is supported by:

  •  A barrier designed for your site
  •  Detailed installation instructions
  •  PRO Barrier’s onsite support

This approach has proven itself repeatedly at both U.S. and foreign barrier installations.  Contact Us if you have questions about the barrier installation process.  Return to FAQs.