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More Information for Facility Owners

If you are owner or manager of a large facility, such as an office complex, campus, military base, government building, airport, or sports stadium, you want security systems that operate economically, have modest maintenance requirements, and serve your users efficiently.

If you are considering vehicle barriers to enhance your security, your concerns likely include:

  • Barrier and installation cost

  • Integration with existing security systems

  • Utilization issues (such as vehicle backups during peak traffic times)

  • Aesthetics (unsightly barriers detract from a building's appearance)

  • Ease of use by security officers

  • Vendor support if problems arise

At PRO Barrier Engineering we've thought about these issues (and many others) and here are a few ways we've addressed them:

  • Barriers are expensive, but our range of models and vehicle stopping power offers you cost options.
  • Our barrier maintenance schedules are tailored to your operating requirements and climate.  You'll have low total life cycle cost.
  • Our barriers will work with your existing security systems.
  • Our barriers open and close quickly and have options to avoid deployment for trusted vehicles.
  • Our Arrestor model is considered the world’s most aesthetic vehicle barrier; it's available in many colors and finishes to blend with your setting.
  • Our barriers are easy to operate and include sensors to prevent a barrier's inadvertent deployment.
  • PRO Barrier will respond promptly to any problems that arise with guidance, spare parts, or the services of a local or factory representative.

Contact Us for guidance through the barrier selection process and to receive our Vehicle Barrier Selection and Installation Planning Checklist.  We'll help you address issues from traffic management through control system integration.