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Are hydraulically actuated barriers a potential environmental hazard?

No they are not, as modern hydraulic systems use environmentally safe fluids (synthetic or vegetable oil-based).  PRO Barrier’s hydraulic control systems also include a catch basin so if fluid is ever lost (say from a component leak) it is contained.  When  we install a new barrier we turn over a leak free system to the customer and we include simple maintenance guidelines to keep it that way

By the way, our hydraulic fluids are safe for your workforce as well as your environment.  The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for ingesting our fluid reads, "First aid is normally not required.  Seek medical attention if discomfort occurs."  Compare that to the MSDSs you routinely use in other parts of your business operations.

The truth is, the only source of environmental pollution at a PRO Barrier installation is the occasional drop of oil leaking from the vehicles passing over a retracted barrier!  Return to FAQs.