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Is my facility a candidate for vehicle barrier protection?

If your facility is the White House or the U.S. Capitol, then the answer is easy.  (Many such high-profile facilities have been protected for decades.)  Often, however, the answer is much less clear.  If you are thinking about protecting your staff and facilities from terrorism, then anti-ram vehicle barriers are just one of a long list of security systems vying for your money and attention.

Be sure to take a broad and careful look at your facility's total perimeter security needs.  After all, it makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars to protect entrances, while ignoring the fact that a determined attacker could reach your building by driving over the lawn.  Make sure your security planners  — be they internal staff or contractors — make a comprehensive perimeter security assessment.  Our experience extends to government, commercial, and military installations, so if you don't have vehicle access control barrier experts on your security team contact us, we'll serve that role and answer your questions.

When planning for barriers be sure to consider all the issues.  Vehicle barriers require personnel to operate them, they need a small degree of regular maintenance, and they might slow down vehicle ingress and egress. Many are quite unsightly (ours are the exception) and detract from a facility's beauty and give it a fortress-like look.  (See our discussion of barrier aesthetics.) 

Contact Us for guidance through the barrier selection process and to receive our Vehicle Barrier Selection and Installation Planning Checklist.  We'll help you decide if vehicle barriers should be part of your perimeter security systems.  Return to FAQs.