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More Information for Contractors and Installers

As a general contractor or installer of specialized security equipment, you are an essential partner in PRO Barrier Engineering’s efforts to provide our customers with high-quality vehicle barriers that deliver years of trouble-free service.  We have designed our barriers for simplicity and ease of installation.  That extends to a barrier’s power unit and control system, as well as to hidden but essential components, such as our unique and highly efficient rainwater drain system and easy-to-hookup hydraulics.

To make your job easier, our manuals have detailed and well-illustrated barrier installation instructions, including a “Before You Start” checklist that ensures you will have the necessary tools and materials on hand.  The installation package also includes as-built drawings of all major components, plus dozens of detailed engineering drawings covering issues such as:

  • Site preparation and excavation

  • Barrier drain system

  • Hydraulic power unit layout and wiring

  • Control system layout and wiring

  • Field schematics showing all the required trenched wiring

  • Heat trace schematics for cold weather installations

  • Installation safety notes

A key feature of the installation package is our detailed operational notes.  They will allow you to test each installed barrier to ensure that the entire events sequence (signal lights, gate arms, sally ports, card readers, barrier movement, vehicle sensors, and so on) is functioning correctly. 

Our installation instructions are so thorough, we don't believe in the so-called "Certified Installer" programs other barrier companies are promoting... read why here.

Finally, we recognize that the entire barrier installation process — from receipt, storage, excavation, installation, hydraulic system hook-up, control system hook-up, interfacing to cameras and other security systems, testing, and final commissioning — can be a complex process.  Accordingly, we will send a factory engineer to partner with your installation team.  You retain supervisory authority over the installation, but our representative is on hand to answer questions, make suggestions, resolve problems, and perform quality control checks at selected steps.

You can be assured of PRO Barrier’s support for a quality, trouble-free installation.

Contact Us with any questions or if you would like to see one of our installations.